Well, i’m done… some DVD marathon this weekend! i’ve seen:

Farenheit 9/11 – finally saw this one; tend to agree with the Message, but not with the Medium of Moore
The Road to Perdition – Hard for me to get into, but Jude Law’s part was creepily well-played
Bridget Jones’s Diary – quite liked, keen to read book now
About Schmidt – How Nicholson can make a scene out of blank staring is scary, but the plot didn’t leave him much else
The Bourne Supremacy – Not as good as the first; overextends itself a la Mission Impossible II
The Pianist – oh my… very very good; long, but not drawn-out . Brody deserved that Oscar
Bruce Almighty – enough already! Carey has shown that he can act, and moreover, be funny without being ridiculous; i guess this wasn’t a vehicle for those skills…
A Beautiful Mind – Very much liked. i think i like Crowe more and more all the time.
The Royal Tenenbaums – The set was the star of this one; such an incredibly rich visual feast!
Ali – Just couldn’t get into this one. i think i’m just too unfamiliar with Ali himself to suspend my disbelief and see past Will Smith.
Gladiator – unlike the other’s i’ve seen this one before; several times, in fact. Still a fave.

So many more DVDs here! Must stop myself from watching, say, all the Mad Max movies back-to-back, or getting into any of the LOTR special-editions. Loads of concerts on DVD too, though. Might round out the night (and the weekend) with something musical.


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