November 2008

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It was fantastic outside yesterday, a total late-summer/early-fall day. I know this because I briefly twitched the curtains open for a peek outside sometime in the early afternoon, before settling lumplike into the couch for a day of Robert Redford movies and videogames.
Today is all high overcast, flat light, and a chance of rain. So much for my last gasp at a weekend outdoors… Sure, I’m out of bed by 8, chugging echinacea, thinking of breakfast, oh yes I’m an Active Modern Man; head buried deep in tomorrow’s workplace day, oh and soon I’ll be “out there”, laundry, groceries, wiping my ass with the best of intentions, wondering where the weekend went.

No, seriously.
My mom has talked about some great-grand-relative of hers employing this dish, but I’m fairly certain I’ve never actually eaten it.
Until this evening.
So full.
They know how to feed a boy out here on the east coast.
Kinda wished we actually got to dress up like pilgrims.
Well, at least I got to enjoy one mythical Thanksgiving experience…
Thanks Booth Clan!

too much to ask

Just sick of it… Please, please, please, can somebody suggest an employer who is NOT any of the following: violent, broke, alcoholic, stoned, terminally disorganized, lazy, uncommunicative, or clueless?
This year, I started working for a stoned drunk uncommunicative lazy violent boss, then moved on to a disorganized uncommunicative clueless boss, and am now working for a stoned broke disorganized boss. Is it entirely too much to ask for an employer who knows what they are doing, pays on time (or at all!), and engenders a feeling of respect rather than one of contempt in their employees?
My personal “favourite” this year is a type of employer I like to call “The Witless Millionaire”. Typical WM maneuvers include: a complete and utter non-understanding of pay scheduling; in the world of the WM, what’s the big deal over not paying your employees thousands of owed dollars for weeks or months at a time? I mean, doesn’t everyone have $10k in savings to fall back on? Or: spending $20 to save $5; sitting on my hands (being paid (in theory)) for 4 hours while the boss decides whose car he’ll borrow to drive 5 blocks to pick up $6 worth of wood…
People who’ve been down this long road before keep telling me that the only sure-fire way to garner respect from the WM archetype is to simply charge more. Lucky me, I’m working in the state with the nation’s highest unemployment rate, so I have to feel lucky to have a job at all, let alone with the whole “giving myself a raise” thing.
Maybe it is too much to ask.

homeagain. just outta the shower. nice little place I have here. great water pressure. public radiotunes. heading out soon; gotta ladyfriend waiting for me. and soup. yeah, soup. hard to get going. just sitting and gently steaming off, steaming dry. just clean and free and easy.