drunken rambling

sometimes i druink and try to write sthuff

New Year’s Eve blog
Remembering the most memorable New Year’s Eve I can recall
The neighbors upstairs are counting down
But back then, Cory and I played Zelda right through the midnight hour
Listened to a different upstairs commotion
Wondered what the fuss was all about
And kept on collecting Spatulas
That was a good Eve

cocktail du nuit

I like making up the new drinking. Tonight it goes like:

Two parts Vanilla Absolut
One parts Frangelico
One parts Khahalhuah

Shake all up with ice, and drizzle on top:

Some Cappuccino Liquer

it is too sweet, but sweet dreams maybe? ah yes, kisskiss, hughug, groodnight.

i would like to take this oprotunity to thank in advace anyone who might wish to be giving me a gabillion dollars. because i like to get agrabdilion dollrs. thanksyou.

Some of my freidns/readers have experienced onew/more ofmy famous drumkem emails.
Now theings are a little difeerent.
it used to be that i would use the office lappy, with its loathesome dial-up, and hurredly crank oyt a few words of atrociously-typed drunken wisdom.
Now taht i’m using my Palm more and more for mail, it’s no longer strictl online-composition via web-mail. Imstead of hitting “send”, i hit “outbox”, and a little while (an hour? A day or two??) the writing sits in the palm, waiting for me to drive past a hotspot and send it.
the urge to edit myself is harder to overcome… So these days, i stricytly do not read whatever is sitting in the outbox…. Even this one.

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