Music: Interpol

Today’s pick is Antics by Interpol. I do believe that this is only Interpol’s first or second full-length album, although i may be mistaken. There does seem to be a plethora of EP’s, singles, and at least one DVD offering. In any event, if you like it, there’s other offerings to explore.
i have a hard time describing this music (isn’t that helpful?). It’s exactly the sort of music you’d find playing in the background in somewhat dim and trendy late-night uptown restaurants. Then again, perhaps i’m just describing it that way due to the curious circumstances under which i aquired the disc.
i was given the album by a server at a somewhat dim and trendy late-night downtown eatery. At any rate, uptown or down, it was a strange and delightful find; very haunting and urban, very New York. I’m still at work deciphering the morse-code inscriptions both on and within the packaging. The photography is a delight as well, by Sean McCabe. Of course, track 4, Take You On A Cruise, has a vaguely nautical theme, as well as hinting at one of my favourite subjects, redemption and self-discovery.


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