a good day… and an escape

Slept in less than usual today. Got into gear before noon! Had plans to get out and help my stepdad with some charitable work; chopping firewood for a 70 year old woman who was living on her own and just got out of chemo.
Right before heading out, i popped onto blogger, and saw that she was just then reading through some of my posts. Well, that’s okay; this isn’t a private forum, and frankly, i’d like her to read them. Still, it’s a little stressful to see your ex reading your words, and hard not to imagine what she might be thinking. At any rate, it was good to get out and chop wood right after that; it dispelled whatever tangled emotion i might have been working up.
i spent the afternoon and evening with Poser, engaged in our favourite self-indulgent pastimes of eating pizza and playing video games. it’s been over a year since we got together for such a guilty pleasure.. Poser is a great guy, but he really needs to get out of his rut in life. i love spending time with him, but there’s this cloud. We both know that such times are no longer an escape from the occasional drudgery of our lives, but are rather the worst parts of our lives that we ought to be escaping from. i’ll be missing Poser and wishing him the best when i fly off next week. i hope he flies soon too.


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