bloodloss: part two

oh happy day. i’m leaving on a jetplane. the full moon is coming up soon. it’s not sunny, but it’s bright.
my friend is in pain today. i want to help her out, i do, but she doesn’t want anyone’s help.
i feel like calling, but i won’t. there’s little miscellaneousbirds in the trees shaking their heads at me.
when i’m sympathetic for your pain, dear heart, it’s not to validate your weaknesses.
it’s okay to be lonely. you’re strong, but you’re only human.
i celebrate your humanity.
you can tell me to fuck off ’cause i wrote this, but i’ll still care about you.
doesn’t that just piss you off?
ah well.

one day i saw my friend m.m. walking down the street ‘how are you’ i asked and she said ‘oh i’m very depressed and miserable this week’ and i said ‘oh i’m sorry to hear that’ and she said ‘no it’s okay it’s just a proccess i’m going through i’m really enjoying it and learning all sorts of stuff about myself’ and then we walked a bit and she was depressed and smiling while i was worried and not smiling.

the sun is behind the clouds. soon they’ll be gone.


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