the story of my suit

i bought a suit a few years ago. $100 at True Value Vintage. A conservative 1970 three-piece. Green wool, subtle pinstripes. Lots of buttons and lapels.
Aside from trying it on, i’ve worn it “out” only twice.
The first time was for a Alpha Delti Pi sorority formal ball. Years ago. i still wonder how i ended up there. i was the only guy not in a rented black tux.
i wore it again last night. My last social outing in this town.
Seemed fitting to wear the suit. The suit even fit. Last time i tried it on, it was a little tight. It musta shrunk since then.
i’m not much of a party-goer, but that suit shone. Back in the closet now, on that spiffy articulated wooden hanger. Under plastic.


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