learning how to eat, and other things

Been getting into a routine lately. Or is it a rut? The mechanics of day-to-day life are getting simple, which isn’t always easy, but can sometimes mean “plain”. What’s the difference?


Take my diet. Seriously. I live on three basic meals, with just a few variations on each. Every day, i have a breakfast of mango yogurt and canned fruit. Totally spaced out and forgot to get either granola or a blender while i was in town today, which could add entirely new dimension to my breakfasts.
For lunch, i eat either (A) the last night’s left-overs, or (B) grilled cheese’n’bean sandwiches. Spread a tablespoon or so of refried beans onto a “slice” or processed cheese, slap between two pieces o’ bread, fry, and eat. Repeat as needed.
For dinner, i have either penne (pasta) or rice. The pasta comes in three versions; with (A) mushroom soup, onions, garlic, and tuna, (B) onions, garlic, and canned tomatoes, or (C) with pesto. The rice comes with whatever “and/or” combination of canned kidney beans, black beans, peas’n’carrots, or corn. I generally
alternate between rice and pasta.
For beverages, it’s loads of bottled water, suplemented with “happiness Cocktail” from time to time. The cocktail is equal parts Ting and OJ. Ting is this great TART carbonated grapefruit juice stuff from Jamaica.
Outside of that, it’s taken me three weeks to s-l-o-w-l-y get through a jar of Nutella (ahhh… pure luxury), although i do splurge on the occasional Dove ice-cream bar. So far, my food budget is something like $6/day, but it certainly could be worse. Still, i’m starting to get bored with the same food, and besides, there must be some health risks here…
i’m totally stoked that i havn’t had to go to a laundromat yet (pretty expensive here)! Laundry was a major headache for Kim and i. Of course, it certainly helps that there’s just one of me now, but it also helps that i’ve brought so many more clothes this time. With a washbasin and the bathroom sink, i’ve started a rotating system of soakings and washings. i’m using diluted Dettol for my clothes, which has a horribly antiseptic-yet-somehow-lovely smell from the pine oil it contains. Besides, it keeps down the germs! The flesh-easting disease on my leg is definately improving.
And, well, yes, that’s my day-to-day. Happily, 6 days/week of work (plus my own Sunday side-projects) is still the highlight. My Aspie Incidents are waaay down, but with basicly no social life, that helps. Boring? Bored? Hmmm… i’m here writing about soaking socks and beans’n’rice. What do you think? i;m not sure…


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