the “searchress”

Up early, a fair breakfast in m’belly, and off to the boatyard to collect my electrical tools. Mike met me on the dock around 8:30, and Spencer drove the tender over from La Buscadora to take us out. So started a great Saturday!


After a leisurely morning coffee and another tour (this time it was from the Owner/Captain instead of the Chef/Mate), i set to some electrical work in the galley and bilge. The electrical work is a nice break from the usual boatyard grind.
Mike wanted me to do the work (i’m not too sure where/how my reputation has preceded me, but at least it’s positive!), but we hadn’t agreed on a price. Well, i hate to talk money like that, but Mike is a pretty straight-forward and practical guy… and also a certified PADI divemaster who owns a luxury dive-charter business. Hmmm…
So, instead of the usual $40-$60/hour that a marine electrician might charge to drive out from town and do the work, we agreed on $25/hour plus all the scuba diving and private scuba instruction i can manage to fit in between now and their next charter… in late December. Not a bad deal at all!
Spencer and Brodie, the couple that crews the boat, are incredible hosts. They provided me with a great lunch, a fantastic dinner, and more rum & cokes than are probably healthy. Spencer is from the US east coast, but who (through family connections) holds dual US-Canadian citizenship. A fine sailor, a knowledgeable fellow, and a fantastic chef! Brodie is actually from Bowen Island on the BC coast, but whose family is divided between here and there; she’s lived just about everywhere in between, it seems. i find it inspiring to meet a young couple travelling and adventuring together on the water.
We rounded out the evening with many tall tales, a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit, and a whooping midnight leap 16 feet or so off the flybridge into the dark salty warmth of the Caribbean Sea.
A fine end to a fine day!


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