houses on hills

This has been a luxurious week! Getting to experience the lifestyle of “the other half”, at least in part.
Sunday night saw a great Thanksgiving dinner at the “Limin’ House”, a private luxury villa high on the hillside overlooking Soper’s Hole. Yes, i did manage to get in a few shots from the balcony before the light was gone! Great views indeed…
Then, as if i needed anymore spectacular distractions, i was asked to house-sit another luxurious hilltop home on Monday morning! Hmmm… i do seem to be meeting all the right people down here.


It’s just been a couple nights (the owners are due back this afternoon), but what a mini-vacation! i sure wish i could have had my friends from up north over there for just one evening. Kim would have felt she’d died and gone to heaven… Hard to explain the architecture; the house is really four small buildings staggered across a bit of precarious hillside, all connected by walkways, stairs, balconies, and courtyards. There is practically no separation between inside and outside. It’s pretty much the epitomy of Caribbean architecture, i guess.
i was there to care for all the non-human residents; a cat, two Golden Retrivers (Kailey‘s dad and sister), a parrot, and six koi in a pond (indoor? outdoor? hard to tell).
The view is stupendous. i got some great pictures at dawn; i’ll post them soon. Last night, i was diggin’ deep into the huge DVD collection, enjoying the theatre, when the power went out. At first i was bummed, but then i took the dogs on a walk up through the uninhabited neighboring property to a higher vantage point on Spyglass Hill, and just stood there slack-jawed at the most fabulous starry sky i’ve ever seen. The USVI was glowing across a whole arc of horizon, but West End was dark, and it wasn’t hard to imagine myself as some sailing explorer or pirate from “back in the day”, setting a watch atop a deserted tropical island.
Yup, a pretty cool place. i’ve had use of their Range Rover for the week, and have taken advantage of the chance to do some laundry! Yay! Still, one of my favourite views has been looking down west towards Soper’s Hole, just barely making out the window of my place at Kelly’s. Home.
Totally scored again on Monday! A yacht owner recently in from the delivery south donated all his leftover provisions to me; the trip down was lumpy and his crew didn’t eat much. Over two weeks of groceries for free! A fine fellow, that captain; James and i met him at the bar, and a few days later he’s tied up here for two weeks of work.
So, yes, the week is going just fine… looking forward to dinner at Robin’s tonight, and a weekend of racing ahead!


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