There’s this oft-repeated line from the movie Shakespeare In Love i’ve fallen in love with. When asked what the fallout will be from whatever calamity happens to be befalling the protagonists, this one fellow often says, “It’ll all work out in the end” When asked exactly how this will come about, the shrugging reply is, “Nobody knows… It’s a mystery!”.


i have a few great friends “at home” who need to know where they’re going in order to get there. i have other great friends who can’t get anywhere if the destination is known! Which of the two are in the better position? Myself, i’ve struck off on a largely destination-free journey, much to the dismay of some of my friends and family. Some of my peers are “on-track” with clearly-set goals and pathways to success. i feel that the only real indicator of “success” is how each of us internally feels about where we are or where we’re going. The worst thing has to be being stuck in one place, wishing you were somewhere else (or moving, and wishing you could settle down!). i’ve felt both ways in my time, and still don’t know which is the better (or worse). i’m sticking to this one plan for now, because i’ve found that constantly changing my plans means i never actually realize any of my goals!
i used to say to a dear friend of mine, “Don’t worry so much. Everything will work out…”. In exasperation she once fiercly retorted, “Yes, because I make it work out!”. Months later now, things are working out quite well for me, with a minumum of stress, almost effortlessly, even. My friend is still up north, “making it work out”, and not enjoying her life nearly as much as she deserves to.
i’m hoping some friends of mine stop trying so hard and just let it happen. i think you can only stem the tide for so long! After that, it’s just a matter of riding the current and seeing where it takes you; where you end up might not be where you wanted to be, but it may just be where you needed to be all along. i’m sure my friend will find herself ultimately successful one way or the other, by whatever standard she cares to measure it.

Heard another good quote awhile back, in somewhat the same vein. “Everything will be okay in the end… If everything isn’t alright, this can’t be the end!” i wonder when and where that one will apply? Well, everything will work out, in the end or otherwise. How? There’s no knowing… It’s a mystery!


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