boats in the water

The night of the 30th had Atmosphere in the harbour. On New Year’s Eve, the harbour hosted the stays’l schooner Westward. The Stad Amsterdam anchored in Soper’s Hole on the evening of the 1st.
Got out sailing yesterday as well. James & Tracy, George & Cathy, and i borrowed a Colgate 26 for the day. Got out for a swim at Benuire Bay on Norman Island, then over to the Willy T for lunch. Eating lunch, looked to see the Stad coming into the Bight to anchor for the night! Plenty of opportunities to view this great ship lately! After lunch (and well-rummed), we sailed back to West End on a long glorious reach into the sunset. Not quite the excitement of the spinnaker run we’d been hoping for, but a great sail home nonetheless.
My next planned-for sailing adventure is another circumnavigation of Frenchman’s Cay in the Dink (this time going the opposite direction), or a run around Steele Point to Smuggler’s… Can’t wait!


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