When was the last time any of you remember getting a great mixtape from somebody? Djody’s mixtape (or more correctly, “mixminidisc”) arrived here today. Woot woot! i have no idea who have the artists are, but i’m surely diggin’ it nonetheless.
Isn’t a great mixtape a great indicator of a great friend/friendship? i remember listening to these mixdiscs that Mikey Pru sent to Kim, and although i never did get to meet the guy, i always figgered he must be alright simply on account of his great mixes. i can’t recall the last time i received a mixtape, or even if i ever have before, but this one from DJody is the best.
Some other mixtape memories: Krista’s collection of tapes rattling around in her old Ford Escort, road-trippin’ in the summers… i get this visual of driving out to Balfour everytime i hear The Lemonheads. That wild unintentional mix Slacks and i made for his new car stereo… Modest Mouse seems linked to those wild late-night runs to/from Charlotte lake in the van with Slacks and DJane. Heather’s “break-up mix”, that we (Heather, Meagan, and i) listened to on the way to Nelson, and how Heather traded it in for a less melancholic collection upon our return.
Of course, mixtapes used to always be just that, tapes. As we made the transition to CD’s, the tapes got left with the tapedecks, in the cars… perhaps that’s why road-trippin’ and mixtapes have this connection.


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