one song

Been re-discovering music lately… go out the minidisc player and rockin’ it at work. On the ‘phones on boats, or patched in to the shop stereo. Had The Rebel Spell cranked most of yesterday and today… punk music is entirely unknown here; what were the locals thinking?
Walking home for lunch, listened to The Ataris song “Your Boyfriend Sucks”. i could always remember the lyrics to two songs, that one and NOFX’s “Linoleum”. i had agreat flashback listening to that song today. Pre-minidisc, i went on a couple great hitch-hiking trips a few years ago, and i’d sing to myself by the side of the road. On my way back from Kimberley, i got stranded by this sawmill in the middle of nowhere, and all i could do was sing that Ataris song over and over again, humming, muttering, screaming, anything to keep me revved up in the soggy drizzle and fall snow. Whenever i hear that song now, i’m taken back to that moment, and to that long long day of hitching.


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