a hat for a camera

Busy busy lately. Taught and coached sailing on Saturday, raced on Sunday. Great winds, great boats! The downside? Getting into the dinghy to go out to Ruffian (my race ride for Sunday), i heard a sickening “kerplop”, and turned my head just in time to watch my (fairly) new digital camera make time a stone for the bottom. Snatched it from the water, but it was too late. i removed the battery and memory card, wiped the worst from it (some parts still dry, as it was in a case), and left it to dry a bit. Later that day, dissassembled it and washed out the salt scum with fresh water, and dried it more carefully. Still, but for one brief flicker, nothing. Ah…
On the other hand, we had a great race, and i’ve finally gotten myself a new coveted Mount Gay “Red Hat” to replace my lost BVI Sping Regatta one (which i have a feeling i left in Seattle). Some trade, eh?


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