day 4

Work progresses on the new boat. i added two layers of heavy biaxial ‘glass cloth set in West epoxy to the bottom of the hull in way of the centerboard trunck and mast step. i’ve finished epoxy-sealing the rudder blade, but will probably add a layer or fairing compound to really smooth it out. The rudderstock is nearly there, awaiting a brainstorm on my part, as i figure out the best way to resolve the curves and make it “look right”. The centerboard itself has been planed to shape, and now awaits sealing and fairing.
A few of us had a little sailor sit-down in the afternoon shade behind the shop, checking over the rigging, which i mocked up with string. In light of that, i’ll be repositioning the jibstay and capshrouds for a better look. Also, this way i get to use spreaders; i’ve found the perfect piece of imbuya to cut them out of. Ah, tropical hardwoods…


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