a weekend at the spa

Yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, i got a call from Wanda, asking if i could house-sit over the weekend. Yes! Of course! Just a few hours into it this evening, and i’m already feeling like this will be a weekend at the spa, so to speak. i took photos up here at Spyglass last time i house-sat, and if anything, it’s even better the second time ’round.
A killer view, a massive DVD collection, DSL internet, a spacious guest room… The tiled shower overlooking both Jost Van Dyke AND the USVI was a great start, as was getting my laundry into the machine downstairs. i’m washing my work clothes twice; perhaps they’ll stay clean twice as long.
Got a letter today confirming a second Canadian friend of mine arriving fairly soon. i wish i could have my friends over to this place instead of my humble room at Kelly’s!


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