big picture/small frame

Had been feeling a little down. i think it’s because things aren’t progressing very quickly, buying-boat-and-sailing-off-wise. Patience, patience… The locals refer to Centaurea as already being mine, as in, “heard anything about your boat?” or, “When are you gonna be able to start work on that boat of yours?”
The savings are trickling in, and whenever Sverre decides to get in touch, i’ll be ready. But, in the meantime, i’m just… waiting. So, i had to get up and going.
Thus, the “new boat”, my second dinghy project (detailed here). Considerably more detailed and complex a project than the Dink, the new boat is really filling up my slack hours, both mentally and physically. With that, this project is also making me more aware of the joy of today. i mean, sure, i really want that big boat, with the big voyages and big adventures it’ll entail, and yes, i’ll keep working towards it, but right now is pretty good too.
i’ve spent $160 on this little project, but by the looks of things, all told, it’ll end up costing $750 or so (with sails and hardware). That’s a big chunk of my “big boat” savings! Still, what’s gonna be better for me in long run? Fretting over the future, or busying myself with now?
No matter how big and bold my future is, no matter how cool the places i go, or people i meet, it’s great to be here. Now. Working on the “little boat”.


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