The rain ihas settled in for a few days in West End, limiting outside progress on the new boat. Still, before it all got so wet, i was able to get a couple coats of barrier primer on the bottom and the bare bits of topside, then strike up a waterline and prime the topsides in Interlux. The next step (once it dries out) is to sand and apply another coat of Interlux. Then, it’s time to paint the topsides! Part of me (well, alot of me) wants to turn the boat back over and start right in on the last of the deckwork and rigging (much more fun than painting!), but it’s much easier to paint everything with the boat bottom-up and at waist height.
Indoors, i’ve started on the siezings that hold all the new Harken Micro blocks to the spars. i could use a more modern approach to fastening these bits to the aluminium boom and gaff, but the seine twine lashings and siezings spread strain more evenly on the wood and fibreglass parts, as well as being less expensive, and frankly, looking much better.
During the month of my absence, much of the oiled woodwook underwent some grain-raising; like the fir topmast on the Dink, the treatment has been to scuff the stiff peaks off the wooden surfaces and apply more oil. With enough oil soaked into the wood, eventually things begin to stabilize. However, i’m thinking i may have to switch back to the heavier boiled linseed oil for some parts that will perpetually live in the sun.
After sailing alongside those two great gaffers in Antigua (Ibis and Marguerite), i’ve decided to try a flying jib, and omit the jibstay alltogether. This will make the rig look a little odd with the jib handed, but ought to be just as strong with it set, as well as subtract a little weight aloft (no 14′ stainless cable jibstay). For chafe resistance, the forestay and outer bobstay will have to be stainless, but i’m considering other options for the rest of the standing rigging, such as single-braid 3/16″ Vectran.
Slowly, slowly, but taking shape! Striking up that waterline really makes the shape of the bare hull start to “pop”!


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