July 2005

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The word o’ the day is “ployglot“. i especially like the computing language part. Applying this basic idea to the philosophy of dialogue is leading me down interesting pathways of thought.

lots to write about lately, but not writing much. too busy generally kicking ass in most possible ways. in other news – several new tattoos.

Watched “Punchdrunk Love” this morning. Should have seen this one a long time ago. Feeling inspired; changing all my passwords from “kimberlij” to something more positive, more forward-thinking. Thanks, happy movie…

…words to the effect of praise or wonder at my “adventuresome lifestyle”. i tried to tell her about what i felt i’ve given up for “all this”. i had a hard time explaining it. Well, of course, ’cause look at what i do have. Still, i most days have this feeling in the back of my mind (or the bottom of my heart) that i live the way i do because i’m incapable of anything else.

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