boats, boats, more boats

Work at a bit of a standstill on the new dinghy lately. i dan’t want to get too much set up, what with all the weather and associated nastiness always lurking just o’er the horizon.
Been out sailing as much as i can handle in the Dink still. Yesterday afternoon saw a glorious sail; running under the spinnaker west past Little Thatch, dropping the chute in the lee, and reaching waaaay over to the St. John shore (okay, it’s not that far, but far enough for a 7’dinghy!). Tacking in the lee of a small headland there, then one more long tack back into the cut and West End. Of course, the usual parade of tacks back up the harbour and home. A little sloppy out there in the straight; 4+ foot breaking waves look so much more threatening in such a tiny open craft! The new boat, of course, has a better bow shape for such things, as well as a proper foredeck; i shan’t feel so exposed then.
By way of avoiding the craziness in Carrot Bay, i’ve bailed out back to West End for a week, crashing on Centaurea. She’s a neat little boat, a 1965 Laurin Koster 32, one i’ve had my eyes on for some time. Sleeping aboard these last few nights has felt good; i’m falling in love! The boat has been on the hard for 6 or 7 years now, and the owner has now been awol for a little over 2; we’re just starting the lein process now, and for the cost of the outstanding storage, she may be mine yet!


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