Kevin from Quantum came by today to measure the boat up for sails! Okay, with a 4-6 week wait now in the offing, i ought to curb my enthusiasm a bit, but… woohoo! i feel like things are really in the home stretch now!
Got a bunch of things checked off the list these past couple days; outhaul rove, self-tending stays’l rig completed, mast step cross-pin got in, new mainsheet block lashings (the old ones were too tight), um, tops’l jackstay cleat installed, and many many whippings on bitter ends…
i have learned to overestimate running rig lenghths; i bought 120′ of line for the running rig (20′ more than i estimated i’d actually use), and have already run out! Still to install: stays’l halyard, tops’l halyard/sheet/tackline, and jib sheets. i think i’ll use something smaller for those last couple.
Of course, there’s a few other small hardware issues, as well as how i’ve left a few bits to be installed after the sails are here; thataway, if the sails aren’t exact, i han jiggle things to fit without much hassle. For instance, the stays’l boom will almost certianly require much tuning once sailing!


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