links o’ the day

Jesse Martin became the youngest person to sail around the world non-stop at 18. Not long afterwards, he bought a boat and loaded up a few friends for a round-the-world adventure. His website is pretty cool, documenting all the sorts of adventures we all ought to have a go at before we get to stiff to go at all. i really admire the “go for it” attitude; great to see youth who just do it, without stressing out much about how to make it happen.
The second link of the day is to the main topsail schooner Alvei. The casual observer might peg Alvei as either an adventure tourism boat, or a neo-traditional sailtraining boat, a la ASTA. But, better than that, Alvei is a true sailing cooperative, far closer to the sort of floating community that many tallship sailors tend to ultimately admire.


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