to sea! to sea!

What a productive Boxing Day! Got in to work quite early, and made all sorts of progress. First, i did some commisioning work and bent some sails for a client’s boat. Then i cobbled together a traveller (a line in lieu of the bronze rod), finished bending the dinghy sails, and went for a proper long sail.
The new keel makes a big difference, even so, i’m sailing tentatively. i guess that when i first started out in Ripple, i just didn’t know any better… most dinghies will dip a rail, but keep going, and are recoverable even after shipping a little water. Sailing Ripple rail-down, i just wasn’t aware of how close to the edge i was! Now that i’ve crash-and-burned a couple times, i’m shy of taking the boat to the limits, despite the greater final stability i’ve re-designed into her. Still, she’s fun and fast and plenty entertaining, and for the time being, in good enough kit for daily sailing without further work.
After sailing, i drove around the end of the island to Smuggler’s for some of Matt’s great new fish tacos and a couple Mojitos. Yes, Matt is finally open! Then it was back to the boatyard to dig into Centaurea. i emptied out quite a few lockers, and gave her a good airing-out. i erected the dodger, which is in great shape, although the tubing supports new renewing. Sorted out the fine mess of running rigging aloft, just to see what’s what. i also offloaded the two (!) inflatables; the one from the salon and the one from the cabintop; both look to be in decent shape, but will require a thorough going-over. i’ll be looking to find or build a proper little hard dinghy, so the inflatables will get sold… already defraying the purchase price!
Tomorrow, Simba Paul is going to help me sort through all the sails, laying them out on the grass and inspecting them. What fun!


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