makin’ a list, checkin’ it twice

Every day on Centaurea, i plan to make a proper big “to do” list, and each day i fail to. At leat i know which “big things” need to be completed before launching, which is essentially my sole short-term goal. In the meantime, when the “big things” can’t be gotten to (time and money, folks…), i just try to make sure i accomplish one little thing each day.
Yesterday, i ripped out the over-complicated head system and diminutive token holding tank. 54 freakin’ hose clamps! 54! Enough said… Last night, i made rice for the second time on the Optimus, and learned several valuable lessons. First, tank pressure must be well below the operating “green zone” on the dial, or you just can’t simmer. Boil like a demon in a lake of fire yes, simmer no. Second, i learned that attempting to simmer usually results in either clouds of noxious asthma-inducing kerosene vapour, or pillars of fire that threaten to singe the curtains (all the curtains, at that). Today, i made noodles and chicken dogs for lunch, two dishes which are happy to cook at one of the two standard Optimus cooking temperatures, namely, Magma or Lava. Needless to say, i’m developing an interesting relationship with good ol’ Opti Prime; it remains only for me to learn all of it’s secret ways…
It rained last night. Oh haha, so funny to watch a naked man (me) squirm out of foredeck hatch to disentangle a windscoop. Slippery hitch my eye! Hatch closed, i soon was exposed to two more interesting lessons: A) the prism in the foredeck hatch leaks, and B) sleeping under a leaky prism is just this side of Not Much Fun At All. Funny thing is, in all this time spent inspecting the boat, keeping it aired out, and occasionally bailing her dry, i’d never actually been aboard during a rainshower to see where all the water comes in. Now i know; it comes in right wherever i happen to be. Saw that one coming, didn’t ya?
So, naturally, the task of the day has been to re-bed the foredeck hatch prism. All in all, i really like the design of the Laurin fordeck hatch. There’s a 3/4″ upward-projecting lip molded into the flush foredeck, and the 1/2″ thick solid fiberglass hatch has a matching overlapping lip that smoothly caps everything when closed. Positive screw-action dogs make sure the compression gasket seals well. Light comes from a 5″ Fresnel-lensed glass prism in the center of the hatch, which i daresay doesn’t let in much less light than a full-sized scuffed/smoked/hazed lexan hatch.
The chrome on the bronze prism ring was a little flaky, so i tried to take it all off with a sander, wirewheel, grinder, and vehement cursing. Now i have a ring that is half bronze, half chrome, and polished all over. Yay!


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