tale of the tape?

Feelin’ a little bounced around lately… maybe it’s the homebody Cancer in me, wanting to be settled down. Still, this routine has had it’s advantages; house-sitting for four different people has meant that i havn’t paid any rent in a little over 8 months. This bodes well for the pocketbook!
Continually moving has made me aware of all the excess crap i’ve picked up here. i moved to the islands with a seabag, daypack, and small bundle of books. It’s now grown to be more than i can fit in a single carload! Once i bought the boat, i really had to pare down; the Belmont girls got my large TV, Clive & Gillian got the blender, and Cathy now has reluctant stewardship over my convection oven. A year’s worth of new t-shirts (from every boat i crew on and/or regatta i race in) has doubled my clothes collection; i’m converting many of my old “good” shirts into “work” shirts, and finally retiring a few of the worst. Thank goodness Centaurea has plenty of stowage!
All in all, it’s been an interesting year,housing-wise. i must admit that it’s been a bit of a headgame re-adapting to living in a small space, what with the previous string of large airy houses behind me. Still, it’s what i most want, and what personal experience has shown me to be most secure with. i’ll be alot happier when the girl is in the water, with a few of the sailbags out of the salon, and the bugs blown out of the works.


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