Updates better late than never!

It’s been a few weeks now of very sporadic internet acccess. Just this afternoon, i’ve been loaned a wifi card, and now, if i perch the computer just right on the pile of Aries spare on the cabintop, i can get onto an unsecured network in a friend’s apartment across the harbour.
My folks have been here visiting for a couple weeks; just left to return to Canada on Friday. Naturally, playing host has cut into boat-fixer-uppering time, but still worth it. Now that they’re off and away, it’s time to get the nose back to the grindstone!
i’ve bought Centaurea a nice little motor (a Universal 18) to replace the hulking rusty Perkins 4-107. Interior work has been progressing; i’m slowly getting through removing, re-bedding, and re-installing the cabin window drip rails, removing the funky fake ceiling strips from turn of the bilge, and generally countersinking & epoxying every chip, ding, and unused screw hole in the inside fiberglass.
Outside, i’ve started in on rebuilding the main sliding hatch, hatch garage, and dodger coaming. Helping with this work is the addition of a whacking Sunbrella awning over the boat; keeps the rain out of the screw holes, and the sun off of me!


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