On my boat, i’ve taken to listening to the local NPR station quite alot. Now, over these last few weeks, i’ve been house-sitting a place on a weird little hollow of hillside with no radio reception. Furthermore, the utterly basic cable here consists of two New York broadcast tv stations.
Now, my personal politics lean towards the liberal. Still, i like my media as un-biased as i can get it. So many months of listening to NPR programming had left me feeling that it had a definate, if not substantial, left-wing bias.
But just a few viewings of “mainstream” American broadcast journalism has gotten me right back to loving NPR! When the broadcast news isn’t allowing itself to be an outright puppet of the right wing, it simply isn’t covering any issues of actual importance.
Of course, i really like the good ol’ CBC, excepting that in the last few years since i’ve been able to live and listen in Canada, it seems that the guts have really been knocked out Canadian radio.
The next best i’ve found is the BBC World Service, on cable… Which i don’t have on the boat! My cheap MW receiver can’t manage to pick up much either.
Say i manage to get a decent radio and decent antenna… Is there really any media out there worth the bother?


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