Seems like i’ve been on a real toy-buying kick lately! Over the past 6 months or so, i had been considering a few purchases for myself, primarily a new digicam, a new PDA, and a new casting rod. In the end, i figured that i’d get just one of the above, and call it quits at that. I settled on the fishing gear, and special-ordered it from Island Marine.
Well… During that wild spur-of-the-moment getaway that Gillian and I took to St. Maarten, the prices on cameras were so good that i couldn’t resist… I did, however, resist buying that new Palm T|X!
The rod, a silly custom-order Quantum rig, was seemingly back-ordered forever! I’d just about given up on it, while at the same time my laptop died, and i was left without my all-important internet access! That cinched the issue, and i ordered the new Palm T\X off the internet.
Of course, the PDA showed up within a couple days of the arrival of (you guessed it) the rod and reel! So much for my budgeting…
Yesterday i made what i hope will be the last toy purchase for awhile; a new toybox! I picked up a great little foam-lined everything-proof Pelican Case for the Palm, keyboard, camera, memory cards, chargers, and batteries. About the size of a lunchbox, and ought to keep my toys in good shape through a sailing lifestyle.
So that’s it, i guess… Uh-oh… What about a tacklebox?


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