the internet is funny that way

So today during my lunchbreak, I’m flipping through the tv channels idly as my midday meal cooks (I’m back house-sitting for awhile), and what pops onto the screen but Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Whoa, flashback! I can’t help but watch.
A little bit in, I suddenly remember that Joan of Arc (in the movie) is really awesome, or at least I for one always thought so. When it gets to her scene, I’m all flashing back to highschool moviestar crushing. Still no idea who she is, and while I’m not a celebrity hound, I’m curious… Enter the miracle of the internet; Wiki, IMdb, etc., and I find my Joan. Jane, actually.
Turns out that Jane Wiedlin is actually a lot more well-known for her many other exploits, not the Excellent Adventure. But what do I know? I’m now thinking that she’s my new second-favourite 5′-tall chick guitar rocker, after Erin of course.


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