Somehow, I’ve become the last able-bodied person at work. This must explain how I’ve become so harried and busy lately. Scott blew his back up, and after several specialist consultations and an MRI, he’s scheduled for some serious drugs, perhaps surgery, and definately a long break from work. Freddy had a stroke(!) a couple weeks back, and was hospitalized with a brain infection, and while he’s doing well enough now, he’s pretty much out of the picture. James’s knee goes out every other day, so now he’s been left hobbling around in his knee-brace.
With Freddy out, I’m running the crane (somewhere between really fun and really nerve-wracking), but I generally refuse to get myself involved in any sort of paint or varnishing other than my own, and that being Scott’s main job, we’ve had to cancel plenty of brightwork and bottom jobs.
Today my left arm and wrist has been giving me twinges… or maybe I’m just that much more aware now that I’m the only worker left working at work!


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