For anyone/everyone who has ever wondered what a Centaurea is (besides being the name of my boat)…

Behold the Centaurea

Does this make anything make more sense? Hah!

  1. Jennilyn Robbie’s avatar

    It’s the prettiest flower going!! Wow!! And so intricate. I knew I knew that name from somewhere…. Lives past I suppose.


  2. osteoderm’s avatar

    Yup, I was at first a little weirded out by a flower name, but it’s growing on me (pun intended? not sure…). Besides, the boat has had the same name since it was built in ’64, so it’d be bad luck to change it now.
    Don’t you think a yellow spinnaker with a huge blue flower on it would look cool too? 🙂


  3. Jennilyn Robbie’s avatar

    You know me too well… Anything with a huge flower gets me giddy!!



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