September 2007

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Another accounting

Added up the receipts, again:

Plumbing – Fittings, hoses, seacocks, though-hulls, etc
Epoxy – Resin, hardener, applicators, fillers, fairing compounds
Paint – Primers, topcoats, thinners, masking, sundries
Surfacing – Sandpaper, wire wheels, grinding discs, buffing wheels & compounds
Rigging – Fittings, furler, terminals, turnbuckles, spars, bowsprit, etc.
Sealants – 5200, beddings, caulking, adhesives, etc.
Hardware – Hinges, handles, latches
Driveline – Engine, shaft, log, prop, stuffing box, accessories
Building materials – wood, fiberglass cloth, lexan, plywood
Electrical – Wiring, panels, fuses, switches, etc.

Rebuild Total – $7968.05
Boat Purchase – $3500

Total – $11468.05… and still not floating yet. 🙂


Over a year since first starting prep, the deck and cabinsides are finally finally FINALLY painted and the deck non-skidded!

deck-before.jpg <--before / after --> deck-after.JPG

side-deck-before.JPG <--before / after --> side-deck-after.JPG

before.JPG <--before / after --> after.JPG

As usual, click through for a closer look.

cocktail du nuit

I like making up the new drinking. Tonight it goes like:

Two parts Vanilla Absolut
One parts Frangelico
One parts Khahalhuah

Shake all up with ice, and drizzle on top:

Some Cappuccino Liquer

it is too sweet, but sweet dreams maybe? ah yes, kisskiss, hughug, groodnight.