Another accounting

Added up the receipts, again:

Plumbing – Fittings, hoses, seacocks, though-hulls, etc
Epoxy – Resin, hardener, applicators, fillers, fairing compounds
Paint – Primers, topcoats, thinners, masking, sundries
Surfacing – Sandpaper, wire wheels, grinding discs, buffing wheels & compounds
Rigging – Fittings, furler, terminals, turnbuckles, spars, bowsprit, etc.
Sealants – 5200, beddings, caulking, adhesives, etc.
Hardware – Hinges, handles, latches
Driveline – Engine, shaft, log, prop, stuffing box, accessories
Building materials – wood, fiberglass cloth, lexan, plywood
Electrical – Wiring, panels, fuses, switches, etc.

Rebuild Total – $7968.05
Boat Purchase – $3500

Total – $11468.05… and still not floating yet. 🙂

  1. Mom’s avatar

    does that mean you bought the wires for the rigging?


  2. osteoderm’s avatar

    No, not yet… Just added up the receipts from the last few months. I’m still fairly confident that I can get sailing for under $15000 though.



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