Suzuki sailboat

I installed my new mainsheet traveler today. It came from the same sorce as that awesome pair of crazy-cheap winches; superseded J-120 raceboat eqipment. It’s almost comicly large, sper heavy kit, bt it looks great in the cockpit! Abot the only thing worse than no traveler at all is a crappy failing ndersized traveler, and this one is none of that. It’s a Harken “Big Boat” unit, sized for “50′ to 70′ boats”; definitely overkill.
I need to make up some end-controls yet, as it came without. In lieu of on-track controls, I’m going with off-track ones to get maximum travel. This meant I needed some sort of end-stop to keep the car from sliding right to the end of the track and spitting bearings everywhere. It took me a bit of head-scratching to come up with something…
In the end, I went with a pair of Suzuki Samurai front leaf-spring bushings, mounted with 3/8″ bolts through stainless compression posts. Chris and Cory would be proud…

  1. chris’s avatar

    Dang rights I’m proud! Who would have thought to use a sami for boat parts other then as an anchor…


  2. osteoderm’s avatar

    If I can find a spare engine block (saaaaay, Cory’s?), I’ll hitch on some chain and an anchor it’ll be. 🙂



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