Wish List

I was just talking to my mom on my new phone, and among other things, she suggested that I put together a little wish-list of boat parts, now that Christmas (and incidentally, my launching) is coming up.
Right now, I’ve been pretty focussed on “the essentials”; those things that get me up and running, let alone all the extra bits that help out, but aren’t necessarily mission-critical. As such, my immediate list of wants overlaps closely with my usual to-do list.
Right now, it’s pretty short:
– 300′ of 9mm 1×19 Type 316 stainless wire (for standing rigging)
– 300′ of 10mm Sta-Set-X line (for halyards)
– A head gasket, freshwater pump, exhaust flange, and exhaust gasket
– An Airmar NMEA 2000 Triducer
That’s really all I need to get sailing, along with a few misc. sundries.

Buuuuuut, if there’s any benevolent fairy-godparents out there, I might expand the list to include:
– Anchors: a pair of 35lb Delta Fast-set, a 75lb three-piece Luke fisherman
– Sails: a main, an asymmetric reaching spinnaker, a lapping daisy, etc.
– A Maretron N2K control head
– A chartplotter: Raymarine E-series or Furuno NN3D
– Radar
– Ummm… Hard to come up with more… 🙂

  1. chris’s avatar

    Shit bro, why didn’t you ask? I’ve got 2 Airmar NMEA 2000 Triducers, 7 freshwater pumps, 5 Maretron N2K control heads, and 3 pairs of 35lb Delta Fast-set anchors. I’ll throw them on the greyhound for ya.


  2. mom’s avatar

    i was just talking to bill and he’s looking for a depth sounder for you… i thought it was on your list… (..)



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