A more serious wishlist

Apparently, the fam is taking this wish-list thing a little more seriously than I anyone would! In light of that, maybe I ought to be a bit more serious about it myself…

Chief on my wish list are electronics and navaids. My eventual goal is to build a small NMEA 2000 network onboard. I’ve already ordered one of the important building blocks, and the piece that needs to go in before the boat floats! This is the Maretron DST100 transducer. Next on the list is a Maretron GPS100 antenna, and then one of the display/control heads. I’m leaning towards the Maretron units (DSM200/250), but with so many interesting units coming out in the spring (like Furuno’s FI-50 displays), and with the flexibility of an N2K network, I’m holding out until I come across the “just right” solution.
Next on the list are a chartplotter (not picky, as long as it’s N2K compliant), AIS (ditto), and radar. In a recent online comment, Steve Dashew stated that he’d choose AIS over a liferaft, a feeling I’m inclined to second. Radar is pretty cool, and with the right networked plotter already in place, it’s not too expensive. Still, these are things that will probably have to wait.

Besides electronics, everything on my wish-list is either: too large/heavy/awkward to ship here, or not available here. For all that, I’ll just delay my shopping (and wishing) until I’m back in civilization.


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