too much to ask

Just sick of it… Please, please, please, can somebody suggest an employer who is NOT any of the following: violent, broke, alcoholic, stoned, terminally disorganized, lazy, uncommunicative, or clueless?
This year, I started working for a stoned drunk uncommunicative lazy violent boss, then moved on to a disorganized uncommunicative clueless boss, and am now working for a stoned broke disorganized boss. Is it entirely too much to ask for an employer who knows what they are doing, pays on time (or at all!), and engenders a feeling of respect rather than one of contempt in their employees?
My personal “favourite” this year is a type of employer I like to call “The Witless Millionaire”. Typical WM maneuvers include: a complete and utter non-understanding of pay scheduling; in the world of the WM, what’s the big deal over not paying your employees thousands of owed dollars for weeks or months at a time? I mean, doesn’t everyone have $10k in savings to fall back on? Or: spending $20 to save $5; sitting on my hands (being paid (in theory)) for 4 hours while the boss decides whose car he’ll borrow to drive 5 blocks to pick up $6 worth of wood…
People who’ve been down this long road before keep telling me that the only sure-fire way to garner respect from the WM archetype is to simply charge more. Lucky me, I’m working in the state with the nation’s highest unemployment rate, so I have to feel lucky to have a job at all, let alone with the whole “giving myself a raise” thing.
Maybe it is too much to ask.


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