$15.96 per mile

I’ve finally gotten around to doing as I’ve often threatened myself to do, and tallied up all my receipts from Centaurea. I always supposed it would be of some use or interest to anyone else considering a boat-rebuild, not the least of which, myself! The breakdown goes like this:

Powertrain (engine rebuild, transmission, shaft/log, prop, fuel system, engine electrical) – $2550.15
Fasteners – $762.78
Paint (incl. sundries, prep, primers, pots, brushes, etc.) – $1759.88
Sanding (sandpaper, discs, grinding wheels, etc.) – $219.56
Electrical (wiring, panels, batteries, windgen) – $803.35
Rigging (running and standing, blocks – $1327.27
Plumbing (Hose, fittings, through-hulls, valves, pumps, head rebuild) – $1461.30
Metalwork (materials and labour on tanks and bowsprit/boomkin) – $1336
Gloops (sealants, bedding) – $262.66
Hardware (hinges, deck fittings – $330.76
Epoxy (resin, fillers, hardeners) – $1006.70
Materials (hardwood, plywood, glass cloth, lexan sheet, etc.) – $242
Sails (incl. repairs and one new/used purchase) – $720
Boat (Raw, tore down, as-is-where-is) – $3500
Total – $16,282.40

The Surprises: Plumbing accounts for about 9% of the total; more than the rigging, the sub-contracted metalwork, the tankage… Twice as much on hose and fittings than on wiring the whole boat!
I have long stated that the cheapest a person could get a boat usefully rebuilt and afloat for is approx. $1000/foot. Here, I far exceeded my own expectations and got myself sailing for $508.23/foot.
I’m still crunching the metatdata and looking at what else can be learned… for the next boat!


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