Organic Junk Food

On the way out of the “health food” store this morning, stranded in a long line, I succumbed and picked up a packaged cookie from the display by the register. Sitting down outside to nibble, I read the label more thoroughly. I should have learned by now to be less surprised by these things…

While it might prove too difficult for me, I support anyone else in a decision to go vegan or vegetarian. There’s many compelling reasons for either option, but I’m getting sick of the “health excuse”, especially coming from folks who go out of their way to consume organic vegan junk food.

Vegan junk food: that’s exactly what this cookie amounted to. Listen to this: the single cookie contained 12g of fat, 460mg of sodium, 32g of sugar, and topped out at 460 calories. The supposed benefits? No dairy, no eggs, no honey, no hydrogenated oils, no cholesterol, no preservatives, no refined sugar.

I can’t help but think that (next to no cookie at all) a better healthier choice would be some “carnivore” cookie made with fresh organic ingredients, at half the size. Butter, flour, eggs, and sugar, please, without the vegan-specified grain dextrins and non-hydrogenated soybean lecithins.


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