Air-guitar optional.

So today during my lunchbreak, I’m flipping through the tv channels idly as my midday meal cooks (I’m back house-sitting for awhile), and what pops onto the screen but Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Whoa, flashback! I can’t help but watch.
A little bit in, I suddenly remember that Joan of Arc (in the movie) is really awesome, or at least I for one always thought so. When it gets to her scene, I’m all flashing back to highschool moviestar crushing. Still no idea who she is, and while I’m not a celebrity hound, I’m curious… Enter the miracle of the internet; Wiki, IMdb, etc., and I find my Joan. Jane, actually.
Turns out that Jane Wiedlin is actually a lot more well-known for her many other exploits, not the Excellent Adventure. But what do I know? I’m now thinking that she’s my new second-favourite 5′-tall chick guitar rocker, after Erin of course.

The first new fun sound is Bedouin Soundclash; aucousticy dub from easteren Canada… who new? My pal Gillian used one of their songs for the soundtrack of this great little video she shot.
The second is the new Willie Nelson album, “You Don’t Know me”; a collection of his new recordings of old Cindy Walker songs.


Well, that’s it, i’ve finally moved out of Carrot Bay. House-sitting in Towers now. Oh joy of joys, this house comes with a new computer and always-on high-speed internet. Surfed my mind into submission last night, listening to Sometime last night i recalled that i could listen to CBC in the same fashion… and signed on just in time to catch the late-night broadcasts of english-language forgein public radio broadcasts (4-hour time difference here).
Tonight i’ve signed on early enough to catch some regular west-coast CBC afternoon broadcasts. Voices from home… a strange comfort, this.

…is from Garden State: “…maybe that’s what a family is: a group of people who miss the same imaginary place.” Hmm.
Easily the best of the bunch of DVD’s i borrowed from this weekend. i must find the soundtrack.

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