October 2004

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i’m there

Well, i made it. i’m finally back in the BVI. About time! Things are different, things are the same.
Busy busy busy with work. Today (being Sunday after all) i only worked a part-day. Scott and i took his little dingy Rough Rider around the point to Smuggler’s Cove, to go for a swim and play in the nor’easterly surf. The water is great! It’s warmer than what my showerhead produces, that’s fer sure.
By some strange coincidence, James rented me a room near work… the same room Kim and i had when we were here! It was a strange yet good feeling coming back to the same place. i drank an orange-juice toast to Kim, and settled in. There’s a spare bed, and room enough for friends to crash. Huzzah!
The landscape is much greener, lusher, and wilder. Pathways and shortcuts i had come to know have been completely changed or overgrown. In the spring, the plants were brownish and dry from a generally rainless winter, but after this summer of hurricanes and humidity, everything is growing like crazy here.
Things are just beginning to get going here. The seasonal regulars are trickling in, and boats are slowly getting put back into the water after a summer of storage ashore. The beaches and channels are still pretty free of tourists and bareboats. The somewhat frantic energy of The Season is in remission, and it’s a good time for working; there’s been little in the way of after-work rum-ups and hourly breaks for beer.
i haven’t gotten out to take pictures yet, but i’ll have to post some here as soon as i have some ready.
i’ll end this with an invitation to all my friends, near and far; come visit! The weather and water are great, and you’ll always have a place to crash! Happy Days!

Hanging with friends last night, someone asked me to email them with my travel stories. i assured them that i would, and Slacks backed me up, saying, “Oh yeah he’ll definately email you. He’s an email writing machine.”
Well, maybe. i go through spurts. It’s time for more consistancy, i suppose.
i have some friends who write me from time to time, and i tend to respond with less frequency. i think it’s because i seldom write when i don’t have much to say. On the other hand, when i do write, it’s because i’m excited aabout some ideas i’d like to share, or really want to know how things are going at the other end. Seldom do i ask for (or provide) pleasantries, ie., “How are you? I’m just fine!”
i’m starting to get pissed off at those situations where i write and write, and am sincere about every word i send, and get nothing in return. Am i wasting my words? At the same time, i’m becoming more and more aware of the people who still write to me “now and then”, even when i seldom reply.
My best pen-pal is my friend Jo. We’ll often go weeks or months without any contact, but when we do write to each other, it’s with great emotion and sincerity. i rest assured that when she needs me, she’ll write, and when i need her, she’ll respond.
i guess i’m just sick of people blowing smoke up my ass, with “I’m so stoked to hear from you!”, or “It’s so good to be in touch so we can talk about things and stuff!”, and then seldom, if ever, hear from them. i realize that there’s folks who are curious about what i’m up to, and who would rather just observe; that’s okay, but don’t celebrate our “great connection” then blow me off. i greatly enjoy friendship, even with the occasional hardship, difficulty, and pain, but i don’t need any more aquaintences.
i’ll have to get better at that myself, i guess. so… i hope to hear from you soon (you all know who you are), and if my own letter to you is abscent, i’ll be making my ammends.

Why am i always the last to know? Seems like i’m always just discovering what everybody else has been raving about for years. KEXP is sockin’ it to me. Well, i wanted some new drugs, and so i shall have them…
Today’s hit is a nice local Canadian band (take that, you Seattlites! There’s more than one northwestcoatsmusicscene!). Motion Soundtrack is my musical darling of the moment. Yes, yes, more of that “atmospheric pop”, but, well, Canadian. So it rocks more.

i bought a suit a few years ago. $100 at True Value Vintage. A conservative 1970 three-piece. Green wool, subtle pinstripes. Lots of buttons and lapels.
Aside from trying it on, i’ve worn it “out” only twice.
The first time was for a Alpha Delti Pi sorority formal ball. Years ago. i still wonder how i ended up there. i was the only guy not in a rented black tux.
i wore it again last night. My last social outing in this town.
Seemed fitting to wear the suit. The suit even fit. Last time i tried it on, it was a little tight. It musta shrunk since then.
i’m not much of a party-goer, but that suit shone. Back in the closet now, on that spiffy articulated wooden hanger. Under plastic.

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