…and another thing about my friends

about being on the otherside of the conversation: the greatest things ever said to me by my friends were the things that proved their love for me beyond any doubt. however, these things said, these statements of love, have taken a curious form.
they took the risk of alienating or offending me.

“no you don’t.” – S.M., after i told her i loved her.
“stop trying so hard” – C.C., when i felt i was finally making an effort
“nobody wants to read that crap” – J.H., when i read her my melancholy poetry
there’s more; they’ll come to mind later, away from the computer…

it takes a great friend indeed to call you out when you’re too big fer yer britches. they never said these things because i was being offensive, or because they thought they were better or more correct than me. they said them out of love.
i once thought that this was a common way to communicate, and that all friends could give and take this way. i was wrong.
again, my true friends have proved uncommon…


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