a thing i like about my friends

i can say anything to my true friends. they expect me to say anything. they’d probably be a little disappointed if i didn’t.
they don’t have anything special in mind when they come to communicate with me. they never get offended when i speak the way i think. they seldom ask me (verbally or otherwise) to supply them with the answer they expect or anticipate. they appreciate my viewpoints, even when they don’t agree with theirs. they never expect me to give “the right answer”.
they are all very different people from one another, a whole bunch of individuals, but they all share an uncommon sense of tolerance, patience, and acceptance.
i think i was blessed to come from a small town full of such people. i used to think such friends were common in world; i was wrong. they’re the most uncommon people in the world, and i treasure both them and their friendship.


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