limitless friendship

Just saw “A Beautiful Mind”, and was quite moved. i shall have to think about it further, but i’m feeling that my standards may have been shifted by this film. The examble portrayed of a wife and partner who goes beyond her own limitations in the service of sublime companionship is remarkable.
i’m wondering if we all might do well to no longer hold to our own limits, but to hold ourselves to the greatest ideal. Of course, of course, there is only so much any person can give of themselves, or take from another, but is that any excuse to stop trying? To stop searching for that which improves each of us, and makes us more capable?
When we hear, “I can’t take this anymore”, or “I can’t do this anymore”, it seems to me that most folks are closer to aknowledging or validating the ideal that there is something out there that will always overwhelm us. Instead, ought we not aknowledge that we simply don’t have the skill or personal resources to withstand? When a problem seems so great that naught can be done, is the problem really the problem? Or does the problem lay in what little we have come to expect from ourselves?
My expectations of others shift constantly; perhaps i ought to reconsider what i expect from myself instead. More importantly, perhaps i ought to consider removing the limits of “how much i can take”.


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