a lady from the past

Finally; a “real” boat in Soper’s Hole. This week we’re playing host to Marguerite, a 1895 Channel Pilot Cutter. She’s a Cornish boat, with the distinctive and desireable low eliptical stern. Fully-equipped with early-1900’s gear, oozing character, reeking of tar and linseed oil, and completely traditionaly rigged. About 70′ overall. Perfect.
If i had to pick a favourite historic gaffer from, say, the pages of John Leather’s “Gaff Rig Handbook”, it would be a traditional English pilot cutter.
Also great to see such a historic boat actively cruising! A family affair, with three adults and two young kids, they’ve come across the Atlantic for a winter of cruising the Caribbean, and will be heading back over after Antigua Classics.
One of the owners came ashore to get water at the yard, and delighted with my little green boat taking shape behind the shop; in rig and hullform, it’s a very similar shape, albeit much scaled-down.


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