a small victory

Yeterday was the occassion of the WEYC’s 14th annual Firecracker Regatta. i took out a group of KATS kids aboard our newest IC24 “First Caribbean KATS” (gotta love the corporate sponsorship, eh?). In 5 races, we finished 1st twice, 2nd twice, and 3rd once, and came away with the overall class win. The kids sailed really well, coming together at a few close moments. The races were held around Little Thatch Island, where i frequently sail my own little dinghy, and it felt like we had a “home water advantage” over the other boats, who seldom, if ever, sail here in West End. The currents and winds suffer strange interactions in these channels, and it certianly helped to have some familiarity with them!
The kids are really geared up for the Chief Minister’s Cup next weekend, where the BVI hosts youth racing teams from around the Caribbean, and with the improvement they’ve shown over the last few months, they have a good shot at winning!


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