book o’ the week

Today’s Book O’ The Week is Peter Nichol’s “Sea Change”. i’m just partway through, but really enjoying it. Interesting parallels with my own love- and life-style. Been thinking in similar terms lately myself, as have been some other friends. A fellow carpenter/sailor friend’s girlfriend just left him on St. John, and was feeling pretty exhasperated with the whole deal.
As he said, “Here, we have the boat, the work, the sun, the sea; we’re living the dream! But it’s never enough for the girls who always want something more, but never know what they want!”
Peter Nichols seems to feel much of the same exasperation, especially as he reads his ex-wife’s cast-off diaries and comes to understand how she was so quietly dissatisfied all along.
Oh yeah, it’s also also about a long-distance solo passage on a small engineless wooden boat. Gotta love that angle too…


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