the broker goes for broke

Well, the shit is tickling the fan… Last week, another gal joined the Guatemalan aboard the broker’s boat; she’s an experienced ticketed sailor, who came over from the UK to explore the working angle. i was pleased to know that the two of them would be able to look out for each other, and help keep the broker at bay.
Well, the Guatemalan called me up from the boat yesterday, and i got out in a go-fast to pick her up. Looks to me like she’ll be going back only long enough to rescue her seabag and fellow crewmate. In the meantime, i’ve put her up.
i wish i could have been able to tell a better story, but now it looks like all the re-assurances the broker made (not wanting a lover, providing decent crew work, allowing them their own space/time) was pretty much just a line of crap. A couple days into an extended weekend of sailing and the lewd suggestions and possesive behaviors started appearing, along with an increasing obviousness that the only work aboard the boat he had planned for them was topless sunbathing for his entertainment (which, of course, never happened).
Does anyone out there have a positive story to tell re: answering/posting a crew ad online? Anyone? i’ve posted “sailor-seeing-boat” ads myself, but never gotten any replies that particularly inspired me. Of course, i’m a guy… Nowadays, i’m skilled and connected enough to not have to advertise. Generally speaking, the best hook-ups are on the dock, in the dockside bar, or on the racecourse, in person. Still, for the landlocked, the newbies, and the otherwise non-connected online ads have a certain appeal. Still, beware!


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