boat watch!

After a slow start, the Season is coming on pretty hard and fast. The harbour is filling up with the usual bareboats and charterboats, along with a couple noteworthy individuals.
Last week we had the W-46 “Equus” in the harbour. During an afternoon go-fast ride across to Jost, a few of us saw her out sailing; reaching along at a frighteningly fast clip under reefed main alone. Very pretty.
Our friend Nick is back on Tortola with his natty little Tahiti Ketch. We’ll be embarking on a complete cabinhouse rebuild very soon. A fun little boat, he has rigged her with a squares’l and gaff tops’l in addition to the usual 3 working lowers.
Out in the harbour yesterday afternoon, and now on the dock, is the elegant “Victoria of Strathearn”, a yacht i had missed viewing last year. Soper’s Hole, with protected deep water, sees several of these type of yachts (along with the usual ghastly Perini Navis) each year. i, personally, am much enthused to see the whole “spirit of Tradition” thing really kick off.


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